Right Up Your Street

Delivering Success

'Right Up Your Street' is a new group of services whereby groceries, wine by the case, direct and clothing brand items ordered on-line are delivered by in-store customers, click and collect customers and store colleagues.

When customers and colleagues who have registered to participate in the scheme log in using the 'Right Up My street' smart phone app, their details are compared against a database of orders placed by on-line customers who have signed up for the service. The registered customers and colleagues then collect the orders from the 'Right Up Your Street' collection pod as they leave the car park and deliver them either on their route home or in their own locality.

There are three delivery options within the service offer:

  • 'Right Up Your Street Groceries'

  • 'Right Up Your Street Packages'

  • 'Right Up Your Street Daybreak'

Orders placed on-line are picked by our personal shoppers and collected by customers or colleagues. They deliver the orders on their journey home.

Direct, Wine by the case and online clothing brand orders are delivered by customers and colleagues on their way home. Additionally, items for return can be collected on the way into store.

Orders placed on-line are collected by night replenishment colleagues as they finish their shift and delivered to customers on their journey home.